Handle-Tech Spare Handle


This ingenious tool by Handle-Tech is an add on accessory that will work with any Handl-Tech Hose and Pipe Handle. Make it even easier to grip on to Handle-Tech Handle Products.

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  • Handle-Tech clamps onto hoses & pipes from 2″ to 12″
  • 400-pound lifting capacity
  • #1 job safety tool — reduces back/hand/foot injuries
  • Made of lightweight, durable, long glass nylon & HDPE
  • Oil and Gas, Wastewater, Environmental Services, Construction, Agriculture, Firefighting, and More.
  • A well-designed, heavy-duty tool made in North America


About Handle-Tech Handels

This ingenious tool makes picking up and carrying industrial pipes and hoses easier and safer. Forget unwieldy pickups that strain both hands. Nix awkward dragging across the job site. Carry on with Handle-Tech to reduce injuries and speed up your work.

About Handle-Tech Company

Under new ownership since October 2019, Handle-Tech is part of a Pennsylvania-based family-run business dedicated to providing well-designed, high-quality tools and manufacturing parts to the world. Our customers’ satisfaction and success is our top priority. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and making sure you have what you need to get every job done.  


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