Hose Wrench

The Hose Wrench is a dual-purpose hand tool for applying torque to hammer unions and prying pipe ends. Availible in e 3-inch, 4-inch, and 5.5- inch hammer union wrenches

Hose Wrench 

The Hose Wrench hammer union wrench 



Mountain Valley Supply has engineered a dual-purpose hand tool for applying torque to hammer unions and prying pipe ends. The 3 sizes analyzed in this report are the 3-inch, 4-inch, and 5.5-inch hammer union lift wrenches. The hand tool is required to apply the maximum specified torque to a selected hammer union and capable of supporting the weight of an entire length of matching sized pipe.




Hose Wrench Safe Operation

A structural analysis is performed on the hand tools from two loading scenarios to determine maximum allowable forces and still maintain structural integrity. This includes a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) at the contact surfaces where torque is applied to Hammer Unions and compressive loading to simulate a prying force if it were to be used as a lifting tool. No specific engineering criteria were used to validate the design. Only maximum values were recorded with a Factor of Safety considered. This analysis does not recognize or consider any physical testing. Rather, very conservative material properties and Factors of Safety are used in lieu.

Model Definition:

The hand tools are designed for applying a torque to hammer unions from the handle to the center axis of the jaws. They have a secondary purpose of prying and lifting pipes from the upcurved nose at the end of the jaws if needed.

Connecting & Bonding of Materials Primary Structure:

The primary structure is a solid cast


The following material properties are used in the analysis.


Structural Requirements

Factor of Safety (FOS)

For conservative purposes, a FOS of 2 is used throughout this analysis. If any primary stress is found that results in a FOS less than 2, those areas will be scrutinized and further analyzed.


The following load scenarios were determined to be the maximum allowable:


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